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Workshop 11: GPIO & Motors

Workshop 11 PDF

Workshop 12 explains how to use a motor controller chip, and how to make a breadboard circuit to drive a motor.

The workshop shows how to control a motor with the Raspberry Pi, using a breadboard circuit and a standard motor controller chip. The motor is then programmed with the Python GPIO library.

This is an intermediate workshop, it will help to have some previous experience with Python.

October 2016 – Manchester Raspberry Jam 39

Our October Jam was at The Shed on Saturday 8th October.
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August 2016 – Manchester Raspberry Jam 38

Our August Jam was at The Shed on Saturday 13th August 2016
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Show and Tell Interviews

Interviews by Hayley Walsh, @moses_walsh

Show and Tell interviewees at Manchester Raspberry Jam

Despite the oh so quintessential Manchester weather this Saturday, it didn’t stop the ‘summer’ Manchester Raspberry Jam Show & Tell.

Saturday 11th June 2016 saw another successful Manchester Jam held at its home The Shed, Digital Innovation Manchester Metropolitan. This month’s Jam was different to the previous 36 as we invited the community, old and new, to come and show and tell their projects, creations and ideas with one another alongside the traditional hack style activity.

As the rain bounced down outside the Pi projects and activities flowed inside, from robots that follow lines to Dr Who’s TARDIS consoles. The wealth of imagination and passion was awesome, and it’s safe to say that MCR has a burgeoning Digital Maker Community.

For those of you who missed it don’t worry we’ll be holding another show and tell in the Shed in 2017. For now, check out some of the project and people who made them…

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June 2016 – Show and Tell

On Saturday 11th June, Manchester Raspberry Jam hosted a Raspberry Pi show and tell.
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February 2016 – Manchester Raspberry Jam 35

Our February Jam was at The Shed on Saturday 13th February 2016
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