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March 2020: Advice regarding Coronavirus(COVID-19)

Hi All, We just wanted to create a post clarifying the situation in regards to the Coronavirus(COVID-19) illness.

This months event, this Saturday 14th March will still be taking place. Raspberry Pi have passed down a few points of advice, which we would ask you follow:

If you are unwell and cannot attend, please get in touch for a full refund to your ticket, even on the day of the event.

Both we and our hosts at MMU are monitoring the advice being given by Public Health England, and will be following the recomendations provided by them. This may affect Jams in the coming months, so we’ll keep you up to date on any schedule changes as they arise.

In the meantime, we hope to see you at this weekend’s event!

Summer Holiday 2019

Manchester Raspberry Jam is on summer holidays between July and August. Our next event will be this September, with dates being confirmed in the near future.

Workshop 19: HTML & CSS

Workshop 19 web notes

Workshop 19 covers the HTML and CSS, the languages that most web pages are made with.

Most pages on the World Wide Web are text documents written in HTML (HyperText Markup Language). A ‘stylesheet language’ called CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is often used to change the visuals of the HTML.

In this workshop, we’ll learn what both of these languages do, and use them to create our own web pages

This is an introductory workshop.

Workshop 18: Scratch Games

Workshop 18 PDF

Workshop 18 guides you through recreating the classic arcade game Pong in the Scratch programming language

This is an introductory workshop.

Workshop 17: Minecraft Pi Edition

Workshop 16 PDF

Workshop 17 covers the functionality of the Minecraft: Pi Edition Python API

Included in Raspbian, the operating system we run on our Raspberry Pi’s is a
copy of the ‘Pi Edition’ of Minecraft.

This version of Minecraft is based on the creative mode from Minecraft:
Pocket Edition, but in this version we can use the Python programming language
to modify the game world.

This is an introductory workshop. It’s useful to have programmed in Python
before, but all of the programming concepts are covered from scratch.

Workshop 15: GPIO Zero

Workshop 14a PDF

Workshop 15 focuses on the basics of physical computing on Raspberry Pi using the GPIO Zero Python library.

This is an introductory workshop.

Summer Holidays 2017

Manchester Raspberry Jam is going on summer holiday, and will not be running in July or August. Our next event will be on Saturday 9th September, the details of which can be found here.

Workshop 14: Python, Minecraft & Sense HAT

Workshop 14a PDF

Workshop 14a focuses on the basics of Python and using it with the Sense HAT.

Learn how to boot your Raspberry Pi, then have a go with the Python programming language, before moving on to its use within Minecraft: Pi Edition, and a demonstration of using the popular Sense HAT addon board.

This is an introductory workshop.

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Workshop 12 Extension

Workshop 12 extension PDF

Start with a command-line version of Raspbian, and learn how to install a GUI of your choice.

If you attended Workshop 12 on the Linux command line, and would like to have a go at a hands-on activity, this exercise will teach you to create your own personalised version of Raspbian.

Follows on from Workshop 12

Workshop 12: The Linux Command Line

Workshop 12 PDF

Workshop 12 teaches the very basics of using the Linux Command Line Interface. (CLI)

On a Linux computer the desktop only scratches the surface of the programs and functionality available. Linux users often access these additional features through a terminal window, using the Command Line Interface (CLI), a non-graphical user interface.

For many tasks, creative use of command-line commands is much faster than their GUI counterparts, especially in bulk tasks. We’ll only be able to take a look at the very basics today, but Linux geeks swear by the fact that each new trick they learn in the CLI allows them to save a little more time when using their computer.

This is an introductory workshop. Once you’re familiar with using your Pi on the desktop, you should be ready to attempt this workshop.