Manchester Raspberry Jam

For Digital Makers

June 2016 – Show and Tell

On Saturday 11th June, Manchester Raspberry Jam hosted a Raspberry Pi show and tell.
Event Details

Manchester is the European City of Science 2016 in recognition of its unique scientific heritage and contribution to scientific discovery, innovation, and industry.

As part of this on-going heritage, Manchester was the first city to establish a “Raspberry Jam”. It’s called a Raspberry Jam as it grew up from the interest in the diminutive $35 Raspberry Pi Computer that has now become the best-selling UK designed computer with over 8 Million in the hands of users worldwide.

The Jam provides a forum to share knowledge, learn new things, meet other digital making enthusiasts and importantly show off your amazing creations. Our members vary in age from real youngsters getting their first taste of digital making to old hands willing share their years of experience. The creativity and enthusiasm of our “Jammers” is hard to describe in words so we encourage you to come along to our “Show & Tell” and see what it’s all about.

At this event we will be showcasing projects build by our Jammers and the wider community including;