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Robot Wars – by Simon Walters and Jason Barnett

Raspberry Pi Robots from Simon Walters and Jason Barnett:

October Jam Photos – from Madlab

Photoset from October’s Jam, provided on Flickr by Madlab


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Pime Capsule – by Ian Stacey

Regular attendee Ian Stacey provides a write-up of how he built his Raspberry Pi alternative to the Apple Time Machine backup system!

The route to the Pime Capsule started as an attempt to get the config files on the Pi to be easily accessible to me on my Mac. After a bit of reading up, I discovered that the thing I wanted to use to do this (netatalk/avahi) could also expose a partition of a disk as a Time Capsule to Macs connected to the network.

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Manchester Raspberry Jam Continued – by Ben Nuttall

A post covering Jams III and IV by organiser Ben Nuttall:

A month later and we’re back in Madlab for Manchester Raspberry Jam IV – again I begin with a recap of the news: Revision 2.0Made In the UK and Make Your Own PiOS, and move on to skill share pairing!

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Raspberry Jam at Manchester’s MadLab – by Liz Hannaford

Liz Hannaford is a journalist who’s decided to take up the life of a techie! She wrote up her experience at the Jam:

I was really impressed by how generous people were with their time and equipment to help me get started.

And as it turned out, I was NOT the only woman!  Hello, Dawn! It was great to see lots of dad there with their 10, 11 yr old sons.  But where were the daughters?

I really liked the way the event was set up as a sharing experience.  Everyone was asked at the beginning what they wanted to get out of it and what they were able to put in (nothing, in my case).

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Raspberry Pi – GPIO – Scratch – Traffic Lights – by Simon Walters

One of our regulars, Simon Walters, has developed a really cool system involving getting Scratch to talk/listen to the GPIO pins on the Pi. He’s devoted many hours at the Jam to showing kids how to get it to work. The post features two videos taken at the August Jam:

While at Manchester Raspberry Jam, Robert came along and used Scratch (he knew all about Scratch already) to control Red, Yellow and Green LEDs connected to a Raspberry Pi GPIO port

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Manchester Raspberry Jam – by Ben Nuttall

A round-up of the first two Jams by organised Ben Nuttall:

I’ve now run two Raspberry Pi events in Manchester, affectionately known as the Raspberry Jam. The first in June, which was the first Raspberry Jam in the UK, and which featured on the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s website where we gained recognition for getting people together to share ideas, demonstrate what we’ve been doing with the Pi, and getting kids interested in building games and writing code as well as inspiring people all over the UK (and the world) to set up their own groups. Continuing the success of the Jam, our second event took place a month later in July, which was equally enjoyable.

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July Jam Photos – from Madlab

Photos from our second Jam:


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Full Circle Podcast Episode 29 – The Great Train Poddery

The first Jam was attended by the hosts of the Full Circle Podcast, who recorded a few interviews with participants and a round table discussion with organiser Ben Nuttall.

Raspberry Jams are user group meetings, this one being the first of its kind being held in the country, all of the hosts attended the event which was held at the Madlab

Tony interviews various attendee’s from the event including: Dan Hett a Games Developer who’s heavily involved with Manchester Games Jam who wants to promote and get involved with games development on the Pi. Also Dan is hoping to promote the Global Game Jam which is an annual event which takes place at the end of January every year, which hopefully will be held in Salford more information available here. Dan also hopes to be able to put on a presentation/demonstration at the upcoming Manchester Mini Maker Faire details later.

Tony also interviews Amy a 13 year old who has recently received a Raspberry Pi and she is a keen Scratch Programmer.

Tony interviews Ben Nuttall the organiser of Manchester Raspberry Jam and discusses his interest in the Pi and motivation for setting up and running the event. A more in-depth round table interview with Ben and all the Hosts appears later in the show.

Finally Tony interviews Martin Ranyard who presented a talk on 3D Printing at the event, mainly focussed around producing a case for the Pi and his experiences purchasing, building and setting up his first 3D printer.

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Manchester Raspberry Jam – by Les Pounder

Les Pounder and a group from the Blackpool Linux User Group joined us for the first Jam:

The venue, kindly provided free of charge, was filled with Raspberry Pi as far as the eye could see, all being used for different reasons.

The event, organised by Ben Nuttall, was developed to promote programming, and the Pi , to a larger audience.

The event started with Ben hosting a short introduction to the format of the day, and explaining his path into the world of IT.

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