Manchester Raspberry Jam

For Digital Makers

Full Circle Podcast Episode 29 – The Great Train Poddery

The first Jam was attended by the hosts of the Full Circle Podcast, who recorded a few interviews with participants and a round table discussion with organiser Ben Nuttall.

Raspberry Jams are user group meetings, this one being the first of its kind being held in the country, all of the hosts attended the event which was held at the Madlab

Tony interviews various attendee’s from the event including: Dan Hett a Games Developer who’s heavily involved with Manchester Games Jam who wants to promote and get involved with games development on the Pi. Also Dan is hoping to promote the Global Game Jam which is an annual event which takes place at the end of January every year, which hopefully will be held in Salford more information available here. Dan also hopes to be able to put on a presentation/demonstration at the upcoming Manchester Mini Maker Faire details later.

Tony also interviews Amy a 13 year old who has recently received a Raspberry Pi and she is a keen Scratch Programmer.

Tony interviews Ben Nuttall the organiser of Manchester Raspberry Jam and discusses his interest in the Pi and motivation for setting up and running the event. A more in-depth round table interview with Ben and all the Hosts appears later in the show.

Finally Tony interviews Martin Ranyard who presented a talk on 3D Printing at the event, mainly focussed around producing a case for the Pi and his experiences purchasing, building and setting up his first 3D printer.

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