Manchester Raspberry Jam

For Digital Makers

October 2015 – Manchester Raspberry Jam 33

Our October Jam was at The Shed on Saturday 17th October
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Activities for October 2015

Workshop 8: Sense HAT

The morning workshop is an introductory workshop, and is suitable for all ages

Learn the basics of the new Sense HAT board. Use the board to measure temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure as well as acceleration and orientation data from the boards accelerometer and gyroscope.

Finally, there will also be a few demonstrations, showing some interesting things you can do with the board

Afternoon Workshop: Sense HAT

The afternoon workshop carries on from the morning workshop, and may be more advanced

Have a go at some interesting applications for the Sense HAT board. Add motion controls to the Snake game we created at the last Jam, make a spirit level, and more


The event starts at 10:30am.