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Full Circle Podcast Episode 34 – Raspberry Jamboree 2013 Special

The first Jam was attended by the hosts of the Full Circle Podcast, who recorded a few interviews with participants and a round table discussion with organiser Ben Nuttall.

Post Jamboree, Olly and Les catchup with Ben Nuttall to get his reflections on the event. We reflected on the success of the Manchester Raspberry Jam from its early beginnings which we captured on Episode 29 of the podcast. We discuss the origins of Amy’s Game of Life project. Looking to the future Ben talks about the next event he will be attending and his plans to present a talk on Open Source Software Culture at Manchester Girl Geeks Barcamp.
Reflecting on the success of the first Raspberry Jamboree and talking about the outcomes of the panel discussion Jack took part in. Discussing the first Birmingham Raspberry Jam, how it went and the planning and organisation of the event.

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