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Jam #16 Videos

A huge thanks to our AV Team for filming all of the talks at Manchester Raspberry Jam XVI in November – Les Pounder, Dan Lynch, Olly Clark and Tony Hughes.

Jam 16 Photos – from Olly Clark

Some more photos from November’s Jam – from supporter and AV Team member Olly Clark.


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Fruitful Jam – by Hamish Cunningham

Here’s a blog post from Jam attendee Hamish Cunningham from the University of Sheffield Computer Science department on his experience at Manchester Raspberry Jam XVI:

I learned a lot, and it was great to meet most of the Pi foundation people for the first time.

Two things in particular stood out for me, one about how to work with schools and one about the mobile hot-swap UPS battery gizmo that we’ve been building (and which I demo’d in various applications at the Jam).


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T’ North – by Charlotte Godley

Charlotte Godley’s write-up of the big Manchester Jam:

Unlike normal Mancunian Jams, this one included talks from several different people who write and create things using the pi, including a Q&A with Liz and Eben Upton, as well as Clive Beale, the education manager for the Foundation. Personally I signed up for doing two: one on GPIO, which I pretty much always do, and another on the Adafruit WebIDE. Heh. Both went wrong

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Manchester Raspberry Jam XVI Photos – by Jim Hobbs

Some photos from our sixteenth Jam – by Jim Hobbs:

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Manchester Raspberry Jam XVI Photos – by Tony Hughes

Some photos from our sixteenth Jam – by Tony Hughes from the Blackpool Linux User Group and Oggcamp crew:

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Two Million Raspberry Pis Sold – Announcement at Manchester Raspberry Jam

Yesterday at the sixteenth Manchester Raspberry Jam, Liz and Eben of the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced that they have now sold 2 million Raspberry Pis.

Here’s some breaking news from the Manchester Raspberry Jam: Eben Upton, head of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, just revealed that as of the end of October, there are now two million Raspberry Pis out in the wild. In early 2013, the Raspberry Pi foundation sold its millionth unit through its official distributors and early last month they hit 1.75 million. Watch the video above (around the 26 minute mark) for the unofficial announcement and keep an eye out for more details to be announced on Monday. The announcement came during a question and answer session during the jam.


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Video From Manchester Raspberry Jam XVI

Here’s a video taken by Alan O’Donahoe at yesterday’s Manchester Raspberry Jam XVI, featuring a panel discussion with Liz & Eben Upton and Clive Beale from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, plus other presentations and demos.

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