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Amy Mather in MagPi 13

This month’s edition of the MagPi magazine features an interview with our very own Amy Mather!

In the unlikely case that you haven’t already seen the video and don’t know the name Amy Mather, I would like to introduce you to a young lady who hosted, quite possibly, the highlight presentation of the recent Manchester Jamboree, and who certainly has a bright future ahead of her in computer science.


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Raspberry Jamming – by Neil Brown

Here’s a fantastic interview with ICT teacher and Raspberry Jam coordinator Alan O’Donahoe – by computing education researcher Neil Brown, who attended the Manchester Girl Geeks Barcamp and Manchester Raspberry Jam X.

I recently caught up with Alan O’Donohoe, aka @teknoteacher, a computing teacher from Preston. Bursting with energy and enthusiasm, he has a blog, a series of podcasts, runs a raft of computing CPD as well as Hack to the Future and Raspberry Jam events intended to engage the public with computing. No wonder he’s a CAS Master Teacher. In this blog post, Alan talks to me about his Raspberry Jam events (meetings for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts) and the impact he sees them having.


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Anyang Public Art Project Photos – from Madlab

Madlab directors Hwa Young and Dave Mee recently visited South Korea, and ran a Jam-style Raspberry Pi & Scratch workshop as part of the Anyang Public Art Project.

APAP Raspberry Pi Workshop

See the whole album » APAP Raspberry Pi Workshop (in Korea) (

MUD Pi – by Mark Frimston

Here’s a cool project by Mark Frimston – a simple text-based Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) game, which could be run on a Raspberry Pi or other low-end server.

MUD Pi is a free and open source project (that’s free as in freedom). This means that the source code is included and you are free to read it, copy it, extend it and use it as a starting point for your own MUD game or any other project. MUD Pi was written in the Python programming language.



Check out the project on Github » MUD Pi (

Remote Desktop Connection – by Daley Chetwynd

A neat tutorial on setting up a Remote Desktop connection for a Raspberry Pi from long-term supporter Daley Chetwynd

I’ve had a Raspberry Pi since May 2012, when the first wave arrived. It’s a great device, but requires a display if not only connected to by SSH over a network. The Raspberry Pi has a HDMI output port, allowing it to be connected to a HDMI TV for display. It’s inconvenient to carry a TV around every time I wish to use my Raspberry Pi though, so I usually connect to it using a Remote Desktop connection from my Fedora 18 Linux laptop. This post gives instructions as to how I’ve set up this remote desktop connection.


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Tiny RaspPi Bot – from Simon Walters

A cool video of a Raspberry Pi robot built by Jam regular Simon Walters:

Currently, the world’s smallest Raspberry Pi vehicular Robot – 2 stepper motors double-sided sticky taped to side of a Raspberry Pi.

Amy’s Game of Life – by Madlab

The Madlab, who kindly host our Raspberry Jams as well as many other events, blogged about 13 year old Amy Mather’s presentation on her Conway’s Game of Life project – given at the Raspberry Jamboree and the Manchester Girl Geeks Barcamp:

It’s a huge privilege for us to see so many people come together at MadLab, learning new skills and finding whole new areas of interests through the many and varied groups that meet here. This certainly holds true in the case of Amy Mather.


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Amy’s Game of Life – by Liz Upton

Liz from the Raspberry Pi Foundation said she’d had more emails about Amy’s talk the week after the Jamboree than anything else.

Amy Mather is thirteen years old. She made a presentation at last week’s Raspberry Jamboree in Manchester, where she explains how she got into programming and why she loves it. Amy walks us through Conway’s Game of Life, which she ends up building … well, I won’t spoil it for you. Watch this one all the way through; it’s worth it.

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Minecraft Wire Tapping – by Dave Potts

Interesting short post from Dad Jammer Dave Potts about playing with Minecraft at McrRaspJam IX:

It was interesting to have the RaspberryPi running as a man-in-the-middle without any significant interruptions to the game play. As a next step I think we are going to try and find a third party library to help with the wire tapping.

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Robot Wars – by Simon Walters and Jason Barnett

Raspberry Pi Robots from Simon Walters and Jason Barnett: