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Welcome Ben – by Liz Upton

Our Founder, Ben Nuttall, recently moved to Cambridge to begin working at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. He’ll be doing web development work and some outreach – including education, workshops, talks and projects.

We’re welcoming a new member to the team at Pi Towers today. Some of you already know Ben Nuttall from his work on the Pi Weekly email newsletter (if you haven’t signed up already, you should), his hosting of the Manchester Jams, and his STEM activities.


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Two Million Raspberry Pis Sold – Announcement at Manchester Raspberry Jam

Yesterday at the sixteenth Manchester Raspberry Jam, Liz and Eben of the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced that they have now sold 2 million Raspberry Pis.

Here’s some breaking news from the Manchester Raspberry Jam: Eben Upton, head of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, just revealed that as of the end of October, there are now two million Raspberry Pis out in the wild. In early 2013, the Raspberry Pi foundation sold its millionth unit through its official distributors and early last month they hit 1.75 million. Watch the video above (around the 26 minute mark) for the unofficial announcement and keep an eye out for more details to be announced on Monday. The announcement came during a question and answer session during the jam.


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Pi Weekly – MVP, Evolution and My Dream Job – by Ben Nuttall

Here’s a post from our founder Ben Nuttall, about the story of setting up his Raspberry Pi email newsletter Pi Weekly:

Pi Weekly is an email newsletter I run with fellow Raspberry Pi enthusiast Ryan Walmsley. Recently it occurred to me recently that for such a small project, it’s evolved a lot since we launched – and that it’s quite impressive that we launched it so soon after the idea came about, and how it landed me my dream job.


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Amy Mather at Wired Next Gen Conference

One of our young coders, Amy Mather, recently spoke along with Clive Beale from the Raspberry Pi Foundation at Wired Next Generation in London.

Watch Clive Beale and 13-year-old Amy Mather discuss how they took an established concept and edited it to reflect their own original ideas. Mather is a computer programmer who has become famous in the Raspberry Pi community for being a passionate advocate for coding using the tiny computer.


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Note: Amy’s actually 14

Amy Mather Wins Digital Girl Award

Manchester’s 14 year old Amy Mather just won the Digital Girl of the Year award at ICT 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Digital Girl of the Year (11-14 years): Amy Mather, UK. At 13 years old, Amy has been coding for three years and has inspired people of all ages with her keynote speeches at the Raspberry Jamboree, Campus Party EU and Wired: Next Generation. She teaches older pupils how to code during her school lunch breaks and with the Manchester Girl Geeks.


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Note: Amy’s actually 14

Amy Mather Talks Raspberry Pi on Newsround

Our own Amy Mather was just featured on CBBC’s Newsround – along with Raspberry Pi Foundation founder Eben Upton.

Raspberry Pi might be a tiny computer but it’s having a big impact.

Designed to make computer code writing easy, it’s been used to film a teddy bears leap from space, to play a xylophone and to create a sat nav for bikes.

And since launching in 2011, they’ve now sold their millionth device in the UK.

Nel’s been to meet some kids who’ve been inspired to get coding.


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Ben Nuttall to Join the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Ben, the founder and organiser of Manchester Raspberry Jam, just announced:

Announcing Pi Weekly

Our organiser Ben Nuttall recently launched a Raspberry Pi email newsletter at – the emails aggregate links to news, projects and blog articles from the Raspberry Pi community.

A free weekly newsletter for Raspberry Pi news and projects – out every Friday


Check out Issue 1 and Issue 2 or the archive and subscribe at

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EDIT: In August 2013, Pi Weekly was featured on the Raspberry Pi website and we were praised and highly recommended by Liz Upton. Read the post – Pi Weekly: a free email newsletter

Webcams and the Camera Module – by Ben Nuttall

Here are the slides from a talk on using USB Webcams and the Camera Module with a Raspberry Pi given (twice) by our organiser Ben Nuttall at the York Raspberry Jam held at the National STEM Centre. The talk covers how to take pictures using a normal webcam, or with the new camera module, how to automate picture taking, manage copying and synchronising files between your Pi and your computer and setting up for time-lapse photography.

Here is an example Ben made of using the Raspberry Pi camera module for a time-lapse – 1 picture per minute over nearly 24 hours:

And another:

Madlab Raspberry Pi Workshop in Korea

Last month, Madlab’s Hwa Young and Dave Mee ran a Raspberry Pi workshop in Anyang, South Korea.

I gave an introduction to MadLab and Manchester for the first half, and Dave ran a hands-on Raspberry Pi and Scratch workshop in the latter.

Most people in Korea only know Manchester for its football (mostly because of Park Ji-Sung), so I started with some background about Manchester’s industrial heritage and the creative digital industry in my talk. There has been a parallel movement within Korea to start and run hacker/makerspaces in the past few years, evident from the number of spaces running under a make and share model. MakerFaire Korea will also run for the second time this weekend (1st June).


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